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How to measure the internal resistance of a battery?

2010 April 16
Posted by green.rain9

There are several techniques for measuring the internal resistance of a Olympus li-12b , each giving slightly different results. One common method is the load test by which the DC current is applied to discharge the battery while measuring the voltage drop. The voltage divided by the current gives the internal resistance.


The CA method, also known under the term conductivity test, measures the electrochemical characteristics of a Nikon d90 battery by applying an alternating current. The corrosion of the battery and other conditions contributing to the loss of capacity, alter the conductivity of the battery meter that can read.


Cadex uses a proprietary method for measuring the pulse of the inspiron 1520 battery internal resistance. Analyzers battery Cadex 7000 Series (Figure 7), we apply a number of pulses of charge and discharge calculating the internal resistance of the battery, according to voltage deviations. Known as the OhmTest, reading mO is obtained in five seconds without discharging the battery. The OhmTest can perform tests on a bulk quantity of batteries, a technique that is useful to vendors of cellular phones to monitor the performance of the battery before selling it. Return on security can also be checked in large part.


However, it is noted that the OhmTest gives no real conclusion about the charge status and health status of the sony vgp-bps5 . The reading can vary greatly and mO is the chemical composition of the battery, the size of the cell (mAh rate), the type of item, the number of elements connected in series, and the kind of son contacts used. It is essential to have good connections to the terminal because a poor contact will give a high reading. Alligator clips and son connection is too long to avoid. A battery must have a load of at least 50% to obtain a reading mOhm significant.


Figure 7:Cadex battery analyzer 7400. The battery analyzers Series 7000 Cadex measure the internal resistance of the battery. MO readings can be made using a 5-second test on the battery or can be included in the maintenance program.


For best results, it is recommended to measure a good sony vgp-bps2cwhose performance is known and use this reading as reference. A reading of mO is required for each battery. The following numbers can be used as reference for digital cellular phones:

* 150 or less per 3.6 V excellent


* 150 to 250 mO by 3.6 V good


* 250 to 350 mO by marginal 3.6V


* 350 to 500 mO by 3.6 V low


* More than 500 mO by 3.6V failure


It should be noted that the battery voltage is mentioned in relation to the reading of milliohms. A cell phone runs on electricity, which means that as the battery voltage, the greater the power requirements are reduced. In theory, a 7.2 volt battery can hold twice the reading mO a battery pack 3.6 volts, because it draws only half the current for the same power.


The OhmTest seems to work better with Li-ion, because the performance degradation is associated with corrosion of the internal element that corresponds to a high internal resistance. The performance of NiMH xps m1730 battery can also be identified in large part, but the NiCd battery does not lend itself well to the test mOhm.


A low reading mO does not necessarily guarantee a high yield of the NiCd battery. Unlike the Li-ion, NiCd a high internal resistance can often be restored using the program of rehabilitation of a battery analyzer series 7000 Cadex, because the problem may be caused by memory. A successful rehabilitation is known to lower the reading mO by a factor of two or three. The complete restoration of the battery regularly.




Consumer demands have forced manufacturers to equip mobile phones battery to extend the possible duration of the conversation. However, adding more energy to a inspiron 6400 battery pack, other qualities have been neglected, especially its durability.


The family of a NiCd battery provides long service life and as might be expected, a low reading of mO. Unfortunately, this chemical composition is more popular for mobile phones because of its moderate energy density. In addition, negative publicity about the phenomenon of memory and a desire to metal toxicity have prompted customers to make other choices.


The battery is the item most expensive cell phone and the only element that is often lacking during the lifetime of the product. It is therefore prudent that manufacturers rely on the link that requires the most attention, including the battery.


About the author


Isidor Buchmann is the founder and CEO of Cadex Electronics Inc.., Richmond (Vancouver) British Columbia, Canada. Mr. Buchmann has received training in radio communications and has studied the behavior of rechargeable Sony np-bg1 for two decades in practice in everyday applications. Author of numerous articles and several books on battery maintenance technology, Mr. Buchmann is a well known speaker who has written technical reports and has made presentations at seminars and conferences worldwide.


About the company


Cadex Electronics Inc.. is a world leader in the field of design and manufacture of analyzers and battery chargers modern. Its successful products are used to prolong nb-4l battery life in the areas of wireless communications, emergency services, laptop computers, avionics, biochemistry, broadcasting and defense. Cadex products are sold in over 100 countries.
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The battery analyzers for critical missions (A)

2010 April 16
Posted by green.rain9
The high failure rate for a fleet of compaq presario m2000 battery , excessive costs of replacing and unreliability has caused many agencies or companies to perform maintenance of rechargeable batteries using battery analyzers on a regular basis . Today the battery analyzers play a role in prolonging the life of the batteries and the upkeep of a fleet of batteries.
Conventional wisdom says that a new battery still works flawlessly. Yet many users notice a fresh battery does not always satisfy the specifications of the manufacturer. With a battery analyzer Weak batteries can be identified and prepared. If the capacity does not improve the enclosures can be returned to the supplier to be replaced under warranty. Lots entirely new batteries are fired because of their unacceptable performance. If these Compaq Presario V4000 battery were shipped before an initial inspection, the entire system was compromised, resulting in unpredictable performance and a high failure rate in the batteries.
In addition to the work of preparation of aspire 3000 battery for use in customers, battery analyzers perform the important task of restoring weak batteries and brushing. Low batteries can hide easily among others. But when the system is tested during an emergency situation, those who can not hold on relentlessly emerge from the crowd. It should be noted that the battery analyzers are more effective in restoring the nickel-based batteries. Lithium batteries lose their capacity mainly because of aging and such performance loss is irreversible.
Organizations tend to push the a1185 battery maintenance until a crisis develops. A company of firefighters who used mobile radios experiencing chronic problems of communications, especially during procedures lasting more than two hours. While their radios were working well in reception, firefighters were unable to send anything and they were unaware that their appeals were unsuccessful.
The company fire brigade said the acquisition of a Cadex battery analyzer and all underwent a battery maintenance by the methods of exercising and reconditioning. The batteries that could not pass the test of a predetermined target capacity were replaced.
Shortly after, firefighters were called to action by asking for a ten o’clock intense radio activity. To their surprise, no mobile radios did not fall down. The success of this operation was flawless attributed to the excellent performance of their Pavilion ZV6000 battery. The next morning, the head of the company of firefighters approached personally manufacturer of the battery analyzer and enthusiastically gave his congratulations for the remarkable performance of their aircraft.
The batteries placed in hibernation commonly fail when needed for emergencies. A representative from Cadex was allowed one day to visit the disaster management center to a state in a large city in the United States. In a bunker and fortified underground, there were more than a thousand rows of batteries on chargers. All lights Ready were lit, indicating that the thinkpad r61i series battery were ready to be used in a wink at any time. The officer got up and secure a voice told him “we are ready to confront any state of emergency”.
The Cadex representative then asked the officer to give him a chance to plug in d80 battery charger to check his health. Within seconds, the battery analyzer detected a fault condition. So to catch the agent gave him another one row of magazines but this one also failed the test. It was the same for others.
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Sharp produce solar cells with STMicroelectronics joint venture

2010 April 7
Posted by green.rain9

According to reports, STMicroelectronics, Sharp and Enel Group, a subsidiary of Enel Green Power announced that it would form a joint venture in Italy to produce thin-film solar Dell latitude d600 battery .


Sharp plans to extend the clean energy business, and reduce production costs. Sharp and the Italian utility company Enel in 2008 announced its intention to produce thin-film solar Dell inspiron 1721 battery with European manufacturers , but it did not specify which company.


Sharp said in a statement, in addition to bank loans, the joint venture of the three investors will investe to the solar Dell inspiron e1505 battery project of up to 70 million euros. Three investors will each hold one-third of the joint venture interests.


The joint venture plans to begin early in 2011 STMicroelectronics plant in Sicily, solar Dell latitude d510 battery, an initial annual capacity is 160 megawatts, and then gradually increase to 480 MW.Sharp and Enel Green Power will set up another joint venture, using the above joint venture to produce solar panels to generate electricity. Sharp said that before the end of 2016, its joint venture with Enel Green Power’s total capacity will exceed 500 MW power plant.

South Korea’s LG enter into the solar cell area

2010 April 7
Posted by green.rain9

South Korea’s LG started to produce solar Dell inspiron 6400 battery in January 2010. It is understood that, LG’s solar-cell factory in the first year,is based in Seoul, near the turtle tail, will mainly produce crystalline silicon solar cells, and output up to 520,000 battery components, a total of 12 million kilowatts of capacity, it is equivalent to 4000 electricity required for the average family household. The second branch is expected in 2011.


Although the capacity of solar energy equipment is over, South Korea famous home appliance companies still want a slice in the market. In fact, LG, when in July of this year, there was a launch of an allegedly the world’s most energy-efficient thin-film solar Dell inspiron 1520 battery (solar energy conversion rate of 11.1%).In addition, solar panels and LCD TV market outlook is very similar. This is the main reason why South Korean electronics giant – LG Electronics and Samsung have decided to extend its business for solar cell.


In recent years, Korean solar panels in the domestic market share has continued to rise. Statistics showed that South Korea’s output of solar Dell vostro 1400 batteryin 2008 reached 274,000 kilowatts, it almost six times than the previous year.


LG and Samsung increasly emphasis on green R & D and sales of electrical appliances, the two companies has introduced its own product under the banner of water-saving, energy-saving,Samsung is even crazily sad that emissed carbon dioxide by 50% on the basis of regular HP Pavilion ZV6000 battery sales to 2013 through improving processes and promote their products

Acer Aspire One 532 netbook with a longer duration

2010 April 3
Posted by green.rain9
The Taiwanese hardware manufacturer Acer announced the launch of two new netbook models, such as the tech-blog mobicroco reported. The Acer Aspire One 532 is equipped with a new technique that the Accumulator hold up to one fifth of the recent Betriebsszeit longer can. The platform combines Pinetrail this memory and graphics controller, which produces not only a longer inspiron e1505 batterylife, but as another side effect of a 15 – percent improvement the processor system performance results. Thus, this model is ideal for long trips or other forms of electricity dry spells.

The other dimensions also speak to a travel companion. A 10.1-inchDisplay can either be ordered in HD or matt. The netbook is only 2.5 centimeters thick and weighs a kilo. and its inspiron 6000 battery is also very thin . Wireless internet is available for connection and the internal memory capacity of 2 GB holds ready. This model is priced in the moderate range with 299 euros for the standard version with the matte display and 349 euros if it is to be an HD display.
4 GB internal storage
About the price of the Acer Aspire Time Line x 1830T is yet known, he is expected to be announced until the last week of March. This netbook features even on a good battery performance with up to eight hours,like the latitude d510 battery,but it remains below the Aspire 532nd Unbeatable however, is the storage capability. The internal RAM memory of 2 GB can be doubled and thus allows, movies or other media files on the move to have handy. For those who like the netbook more surfing To use, the device offers WLAN in b / g / n, Gigabit Lan and three USB ports, as well as other Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. At the request and probably with extra charge, it is also available in a 3G module.
How to get a new netbook: Step by Step
Teltarif has a Checklist created, read in is what matters at the Netbook and what to consider when buying.certaily its inspiron 6400 battery is very important The desired model is found out that simply in the Netbook database by

Tips to maximize battery run-time

2010 April 3
Posted by green.rain9
Netbook users are much more than PC users, so for them the power consumption of the equipment and the stamina of the Batteries so important. If an outlet is close by and you work too long or surfing, it can quickly become too dark for a short duration on the screen. How can something this time herauszögern further, the magazine colleagues tested the laptop and have come to interesting results. The extent to which Reviews are feasible even for one depends on the tolerance but from opposite reading comfort and system performance. The tests were unfortunately not with a Netbook, but with a Toshiba Satellite M505 with Intel Core performed i3, whose normal inspiron 1520 batterylife of 3 hours and 11 minutes was.

The processor offers little potential for power saving

The inspiron 6400 battery consumption of the processor can not further reduce the test that. In the menu Settings -> CPU can minimize the performance, but takes a slower processing speed – in the test than 25 percent – and is still buying in even less power than three minutes duration.
Were tested three more opportunities for power from latitude d820 battery saving, which were much more successful in the execution. The best known version is probably the trick with the screen lighting. This can be from 40 percent in energy saving mode to reduce to 0 percent, or off entirely. Still, the ads are still readable. With the light trick the testers gained in using the M505 eleven minutes longer useful life.

Less light brings the most

Even more efficient in terms of Pavilion ZV6000 battery makes to the OS Windows 7 disabling the graphical effects. Switching off the enhanced graphics Aero Glass – but the Starter Edition to most netbooks anyway does not exist – and the display mode from Aero Peek, one can work 19 minutes longer. However, with disabling drop off some attractive features and the surface looks more like Windows XP than in Windows.
Most of time the mobile work could win with the last trick. By a simple trick can reduce the light pixels displayed on the screen. Personalized the representation so that the contrast reversed and therefore as many areas are displayed in black instead of white. Thus, the latitude d600 batterycould survive in the test 25 minutes longer. Here, too, must respond to compromises, because reading white text on black background is at least used to. The conversion is done by right-clicking on the desktop. It is then necessary to change the design to Windows Classic, only then will the opportunity to select Contrast Black. Here, the features of Aero Glass and Aero Peek go right with flutes and the design is, of course, kind words, very old school.

Sorry, no addition of the effects

All add up the savings along the way, not time gains, but would also even at 19 minutes. Most efficient is to focus on the contrast setting. On the tips of the laptop magazine out there are still other ways too familiar. That is about how to disable WLAN, Bluetooth and UMTSIf this is not needed. Even USB drives and memory cards should be deducted, if not just access it needs. Unnecessary services and processes in the background can also be turned off. And it saves the most electricity from vostro 1400 battery in the rest, if instead of 15 minutes surfing the Internet procrastination time reading a newspaper or something just looks out the window.

The nickel-metal hydride Battery technology

2010 March 25
Posted by green.rain9

In the new energy vehicle development strategy,countries and regions all over the world have been based on their assessment of different options, they are taking a different strategy to promote support for the relevant battery technology research and development and . From the current situation as a whole, Japan and the United States and Europe focused primarily on lithium batteries and fuel cells, but as taking into account the resources and technology maturity, in the newly released policy,China emphasis on promotion of nickel-metal hydride Dell inspiron 1721 battery .

Although Ni-MH battery is the commercialization mainstream , but the main indicators of laboratory data are lower than lithium batteries, and for the basic theory, there is no room to improve;despite of the lithium Dell inspiron 1501 battery superior performance , but safety still can not be guaranteed, and the relatively high costs also impede their business.

Experts predict that the new energy vehicles will be in the “Ni-MH – Lithium-Ion battery – fuel cell” industry-oriented development path. From the development trend and rate, and short-term performance can be realized only nickel-hydrogen HP Pavilion ZV6000 Battery , since nickel-metal hydride battery technology is the most mature in the next three years, it will remain the mainstream of new energy vehicles, followed by nickel-metal hydride battery technology and lithium iron phosphate, hydrogen fuel are cell-third of the world, 5-year lithium batteries and will be gradually replaced by fuel cells.

Battery giant Panasonic and Sanyo also found that the lithium-ion HP Pavilion ZV5000 Battery can not replace nickel-hydrogen batteries in 2 ~ 3 years, , mainly due to cheaper nickel-hydrogen battery safety,it has reached large-scale production.

According to Japan’s Fuji economic analysis, the mainstream nickel-metal hydride batteries will be able to continue until 2011, but after 2011, Li-ion thinkpad r50e battery will gradually erode the market share of the nickel-metal hydride batteries.

In our letter to the Department of Public June 25 that the “new energy automobile manufacturing companies and product access management rules” from China , the vehicle according to the new energy vehicles, systems and key assemblyIbm thinkpad t42 battery technology maturity, degree of perfection of the national and industry standards, and industrial the degree of difference it will be divided into three different stages of technology maturity, and is given classified management.

Experts believe that the reason why China now focus from the development of lithium batteries into nickel-metal hydride batteries, the main reason is that nickel-metal hydrideIBM ThinkPad T41 Battery technology is more mature than the lithium batteries, more abundant mineral resources, the future of new energy vehicles will enable greater access to the commercial phase.

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Lithium- air batteries

2010 March 25
Posted by green.rain9

Institute of Industrial Science and Technology of Japan and the Japan Society for the Promotion has developed a new structure of lithium – air batteries.

Lithium – the concept of air inspiron 1520 battery have brought up for many years. Because we see the positive use of oxygen in the air as the active material, so in theory the capacity of positive density is infinite, and can increase the capacity. In addition, if used lithium metal anode, theoretical capacity can be improved a few than lithium-ion rechargeable battery

However, lithium – air battery so far is not popular,such as inspiron 6000 battery . The reason is there is a fatal flaw, it is that reaction products of solid lithium oxide (Li2O) accumulate in the anode, so that the electrolyte had been cut off contact with the air, leading to discharge stops.

Japan & Research Institute divided electrolyte of Dell inspiron 1525 battery into two kinds tio solve this problem. In the negative (lithium) side, make used of organic electrolyte in the cathode (air) side of the use of water-based electrolyte. Set between the two electrolyte lithium-ion only through the solid electrolyte membrane to divide them. This will prevent the electrolyte mixture, and to promote the battery react.

Make Use of lithium metal anode. Cathode is used in combination with the electrolyte containing organic lithium salt electrolyte. Although we can not abandon the organic solvent, but it limits the use.

In the Dell latitude d600 battery , generation by the discharge reaction is not a solid Li2O, but the LiOH (lithium hydroxide) easily dissolved in the aqueous electrolyte . Therefore after the oxidation of lithium accumulat in the air ,it does not lead to work to stopp In addition, water and nitrogen can not go through the solid electrolyte, so there is no place with a lithium metal anode reaction risk.

At 0.1A / g discharge rate to discharge, the discharge capacity is about 9000mAh / g. The previous lithium – air Dell inspiron 1721 battery discharge capacity is only 700 ~ 3000mAh / g, it can increase capacity.

In addition, if make use of aqueous solution to replace the water-soluble gel ,it can be in the air to 0.1A / g discharge rate of continuous discharge for 20 days, the discharge capacity is about 50000 mAh / g, the number is higher than the original. As the lithium metal battery, battery capacity had a high a number than lithium-ion battery,like Dell latitude d830 battery , so the value of a total of is more high double-digit than lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. performance solution is high, but gel is even better in ease of use. In the future we need to consider which of these two is worth for developing.

This technology could also consider a different ways for rechargeable batteries. If battery is not charged , but replace the cathode through the aqueous base electrolyte, card boxes, etc. in order to recharge the lithium metal anode, cars will be no need to charge waiting time, immediately running. Through the recycling of used water-based electrolyte, the electric means to regenerate lithium, but also achieve the repeated use of lithium from latitude d600 battery . It can be said it is a new type of lithium-fueled fuel cells .

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The production of lithium-ion power battery

2010 March 24
Posted by green.rain9

As the application of Science and Technology of Xiangtan University in China brought two teams of invention patents, sales of Hunan High-Tech Power Battery Co., Ltd. starfish(it is mainly produced Apple Battery ) is opened in 2009 stranded after the financial crisis in the adjustment of product structure, output value is increased by 2 times.



Few years ago, the Starfish company mainly produces lithium-ion battery miner’s lamp, but also produce part of the lithium-ion power Ibm thinkpad r60 series battery for electric bicycles and motorcycles. With the advent of the financial crisis, mining industry, power battery products are blocked for export, in 2008 alone is more than 600 million yuan output value, the situation is very serious.



Professor Wang Xianyou from Xiangtan University proposed new energy vehicle development, the biggest bottleneck is the battery, the company has a good lithium-ion battery production base, it should be aimed at two kinds of the most motive power IBM ThinkPad T41 Batterymarket prospects for development to meet the various types of electric vehicle battery power needs.



For safety, cost and cycle life of lithium-ion HP Pavilion ZV5000 Battery ,science and technology sub-team will have two patents used in the production, andmade a number of production processes of technological innovation, so that the cost is decreased 3 times ,cycle life expectancy is more longer, security has further been enhanced, enterprise gradually went out of the woods. now they succeeded in developing four kinds of specifications such as high-power lithium-ion battery, sales is gratifying. The newly developed electric vehicles 30Ah lithium-ion ASUS Battery battery is the first time in our province successfully developed high-power lithium-ion battery, several manufacturers after the trial well received. Starfish’s 2009 production value reach 18 million yuan,it is the best year since many years.



Under the guidance of science and technology , the starfish company applied for a patent and have jointly undertaken with the Xiangtan University, “Hunan Province, lithium-ion Dell gd761 battery industrialization demonstration base of production and research,” building.



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Lower prices caused sales Batteryis is lower than expected

2010 March 24

“2009, the company achieved Ibm thinkpad t42 series batteryoperating income of 2.23 billion yuan, and increase 4.46%, net profit attributable to parent company 197 million, EPS is 0.7 yuan, and up to 52.72%, it is below our expectations of 0.75 yuan.” it came from a a company manager’s remarks in China .

Lower prices caused sales of Ibm thinkpad t42 battery is lower than expected . We believe that due to reasons of the order cycle, ,th price in 2009 lead-acid battery is from high to low, unit shipments in the second half of the battery prices fell 15% -20%,it become the main reasons of a battery sales rose only 3%, Meanwhile, orders for delayed delivery of the end part of the battery also have negative impact. We expect revenue growth in 2010, batteries will be accompanied by the commissioning of new production capacity to achieve 35%.

Battery Costs caused by the rate of decline in income growth increased rapidly. In 2009,prices and the decline in demand overseas have an impact on the electrical business , there were 11% negative growth in the the electrical business, while increasing traction transformers caused transportation costs is increasing with it , so management fee rate and cost of sales rate rose by 1.1% and 1.4% respectively. We expect the next two years, as it is subject to the impact of return to revenue growth, cost rate(it contains the Ibm thinkpad r50 series battery sales cost) will decline.

2010 Motor business will quickly recover. Price of Ibm thinkpad r50p battery and motor business will quickly recover, we expect the electric business, year on year growth rate will reach 40%. At the same time, we will see the company-specific ABS motor vehicle will be the highlight of the new business.

2010, consolidated gross margin level will be maintained at above 20%. Despite the rising costs will lead to gross margin of transformers and Acer Battery operations declining by 4% -5% , but the profitability of these two businesses is still far better than conventional motor business, and thus through the product structure adjustment, the company still is able to maintain 20 % or more of the consolidated gross margin level.

Additional items will create new growth points. Company intends to make proposed additional projects is no more than 8,000 additional shares, the new project will constitute a new growth point in those projects ,such as transformers, energy-efficient small and medium sized motors and large-capacity lithium-ion Ibm thinkpad z61e battery project.

Lower profit from Ibm thinkpad z61p battery sales forecasts and investment ratings. We slightly reduced the company’s performance forecast annual, EPS is expected to 10,11,12 were 0.93 yuan, 1.17 yuan and 1.45 yuan. Given the current share price has reached our target price of 25 yuan, we have downgraded from buy to overweight.

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